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Aromatherapy Products

Our Aromatherapy Products, Natural Skin Products, and Herbal Salves are handmade and custom blended. All our recipesare created based on the profiles of essential oils and their traditional uses. All our products are created using 100% pure essential oils, natual botanical ingredients (mostly organic), and natural carrier oils.

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Aromatherapy products

Roll Ons

Chill Out * Curb It
Hot Flashes
Kick the Habit
Tummy Soother

Essential Oils

Single Oils
Essential Oil Blends
Aromatherapy Kits
Aromatherapy Diffusers

Herbal Salves

101 Use All Purpose Salve
Chest Salve
Joint Salve
Muscle / Sports Salve
Tea Tree and Lavender Salve

Massage Oils

Muscle Fatigue Blend
Relaxing Blend
Relief Blend
Recovery Blend

Room Mists

Afternoon Pick Me Up
Lavender Fields
Stress Free Day
Thieves Oil Blend

Custom Blends

Custom Blends created just for you.

If you see a recipe or blend you want to try, just give us a call and we can create a product just for you! I have created personalized blends ranging from massage oils, hand and body lotions, body washes, facial products to salt scrubs!