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Do you Feel Burned Out

Feeling Tired, Stressed, Overwhelmed? Sometimes the stress of life starts to take its toll on our energy and our health and we start to feel burned out. Our drive, enthusiasm, joy, and ambitions are gone. We’re stressed, tired and overwhelmed. This issue of Sunshine Sharing discusses what happens that makes […]

Learn to Love your Liver

We’re not talking about eating liver; we’re talking about taking care of the internal organ that performs over 500 vital functions to keep you healthy. If you just don’t feel well, experiencing fatigue, grogginess, headaches, irritability, or lethargy, the problem could be a congested, overburden liver. Unfortunately, modern liver dysfunction […]

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The Benefits of Foot Massagers

Your feet take a pounding seven days a week. You put your entire weight on them, walking, chasing after your children, going upstairs, moving heavy objects and jumping. While your feet are designed to take the use to which you put them, at the end of a long, hard day, […]

Electromagnetic Fields – What | How | Why

Electromagnetic radiation is as old as the universe, with light as its most familiar form. Today’s technological advancements have dramatically increased the presence of electromagnetic fields to the point that they can be damaging. Find out what these electromagnetic fields are, how they are measured and why they can be […]