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dietWe have been hearing for years how the American Diet, especially fast food is affecting our health and increasing are risk for diabetes. Since fast food restaurants have increased in Asia, the Asian consumer is now at a higher risk of diabetes.

Nearly 11% of men and 12% of women in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City have undiagnosed type 2 diabetes. This is in addition to the 4% of people who have already been diagnosed. Scientists from Australia’s Garvan Institute of Medical Research blame this increase on increased fast food intake and lifestyle changes. Read the full article at BBC News. Nature’s Sunshine offers a variety of supplements to assist with weight loss.



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  • Angeline

    When buying fish oil make sure you that the idngenierts list includes oils pressed from SARDINES, MACKEREL, HERRING, or SALMON. If they do not list the fish specifically you are getting fish oils not from oily omega-3 rich fish but rather from fish PARTS like the heads/gills.Also make sure you read the amount of EPA and DHA in each. They should total up the the amount of omega-3 s the pills claim to have. I highly recommend omega-3 capsules by Iceland Health.

    • Ajay

      sunflower seeds/oil have a lot of omega 6 s, and linseed(flaxseed), eihter ground or oil is an excellent source of omega-3 s, I recommend you limit your intake of sunflower seeds/oil, however(flax seed is a great addition to your diet, though, note that they won’t digest if you don’t grind them up first, the oil is a decent alternative but must be refrigerated/frozen or will go bad quickly). Most americans eat too much omega 6 s and too little omega 3 s, the ideal ratio is under 5:1 omega 6 s:omega 3 s. Try 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed in your cereal each morning or a smoothie. If mixed with water, it can be used as an egg substitute in recipes. I buy my flaxseeds from trader joe’s for about $3 for a 1-pound bag(34 2 tablespoon servings, 60 calories per serving, 2400 mg of omega 3 s per serving as well as protein and fiber).

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