Healthy Habits Challenge 30 Day Reboot Program

Become A Healthier You!

Below are the 8 Essential Habits that I have developed over the past 22 years during my own journey toward wellness. The Healthy Habits Challenge is all about what I did and what I’ve learned during my own journey back to health. These habits helped me take back my health and manage the symptoms and chronic pain I was living with from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy! I want to share what I have learned with you to help make your journey a little shorter and a little easier!

It is not a secret that avoiding tobacco, eating and drinking healthier foods, exercising, and getting enough sleep are essential to preventing chronic disease and promoting health. The Healthy Habits Challenge Reboot Program is the answer to your questions of where, what and how do I start. Join us in the Healthy Habits Challenge Reboot Program and let us help you! Start developing habits today that will help you live healthier and take charge of your health.

Part One – Education – The 8 Essential Habits

  1. Water – Drink and Shower in Clean Water
  2. Eat Good Food – 3 Meals a Day, Shoot for Greens, Salads, and Fruit. Read your Labels. Balance your pH Balance
  3. Move your Body – Exercise and Deep Breathing
  4. Nutritional Supplements – Why you need them to support your overall health and your weakest body system
  5. Digestion and Elimination – Gut Health, Detoxification and Cleansing – 30 Day Reboot Supplements
  6. Environment – Healthy Cooking, Air (Salt Lamps), Cleaning Products, Body Products
  7. Emotions – Improve your sleep. Bach Flowers, Aromatherapy, Healing Code, Emotion Code
  8. Prayer, Meditation, Socializing – Important Keys for Longevity

Each section contains educational information based on my own experience and research. You will see what products I use or which ones I recommend. You will also have access to several questionnaires throughout the challenge to help you determine what your own individual supplemental needs are. The Healthy Habits Challenge is about you! It’s about me helping to coach you during your journey. Helping you will be easy for me since I have already made this journey in order to regain my health.

This is an online program and includes recommendations for supplements for the 30 Day Gut Reboot. It also includes links to more information to help you understand why it is important to implement and master each of these habits. Your access for this program extends past 30 days. You will have access for a year so you can implement these habits into your daily lifestyle one at a time! Remember, I am here to help you and am available via email or phone if you should have any questions or concerns.

It’s time to Choose to Become a Healthier You and Change the Way You Feel!


Once you purchase the Healthy Habits Challenge 30 Day Reboot, you will be taken to the Registration Page where you will become a member and have access to the Member’s Area to begin your Challenge.

Disclaimer and Enrollment Information: By purchasing the Healthy Habits Challenge, you agree that you are 18 years of age or older. You understand that all participant information is confidential. You understand that the content of this program is based on information and research conducted by Mara. The information conveyed is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical or psychological disease or condition. The information contained throughout the program is not medical advice. It is not intended to replace information received from a doctor or qualified healthcare professional. The information contained throughout this program is for the purpose of the sharing of knowledge and information based on Mara’s research and experience. Mara encourages you to make your own healthcare decisions based on your own research and with the guidance from a qualified medical professional.