Healthy Habits Challenge

Creating Healthy Habits

Shortly after finishing my education in natural and complimentary health, I came up with the idea for the Healthy Habits Challenge! I noticed throughout the years when coaching individuals with chronic pain or individuals who wanted to feel better that they were lacking some or all of what I call, the essential healthy habits. I learned myself, with my own challenges that it is hard to achieve wellness without building a strong foundation. To build a strong foundation you need to be willing to change and be willing to create healthy habits.

I don’t believe that you can achieve wellness without creating these essential habits. It is our daily habits that are needed to promote a healthy lifestyle and improve or maintain your overall health.  Developing these essential healthy habits allows you to create a strong foundation that will support you throughout your journey we call life.  Life, as we all know, is full of little bumps on the road. Some of these bumps will be physical and some will be emotional. Love, anger, grief, happiness are all part of life. When these bumps occur, you may find yourself in need of some special attention. If you need special attention, consider doing a natural health consultation with us. However, I believe that the best place to start is with our Creating Healthy Habits Challenge! Learning more about these habits will help you create the strong foundation you will need to handle the bumps in the road with more ease and confidence.

When I first got injured in 1994, I made a decision that I had to be more responsible for my health.  Me the Person In the Mirror.  I realized I had to make the decisions, with help from others,  on everything from food to wellness products. Every day what decisions I made determined my habits and eventually these habits determined my health.

Below is a list of the habits I have developed over the past 22 years through my own journey toward wellness. These habits are to help you and make your journey a little shorter and a little easier!


Essential Healthy Habits

  1. Water – Drink and Shower in Clean Water
  2. Eat Good Food – 3 Meals a Day, Shoot for Greens, Salads, and Fruit. Read your Labels. Balance your pH Balance
  3. Move your Body – Exercise and Deep Breathing
  4. Nutritional Supplements – Why you need them to support your overall health and your weakest body system
  5. Digestion and Elimination – Detoxification and Cleansing
  6. Environment – Healthy Cooking, Air (Salt Lamps), Cleaning Products, Body Products
  7. Emotions –  Improve your sleep. Bach Flowers, Aromatherapy, Healing Code, Emotion Code
  8. Prayer, Meditation, Socializing – Important Keys for Longevity


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