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weight lossObesity is a growing problem in America, as evidenced by the increase in fitness clubs, home-gym equipment, diet pills and programs available. Herbal weight loss teas products are a popular choice because they’re both natural and widely available. But not all herbs are created equal. The best herbs for weight loss are those that contain standardized extracts. In conjunction with diet and exercise, these herbs can help you reach your goals.

Green Tea

Tea is the most widely sipped beverage worldwide, second only to water. Its fantastic flavor is not the only reason, however. Green tea helps increase energy and enhance health. It contains polyphenols–potent antioxidants that help fight cell-damaging free radicals, which can promote aging and illness. Green tea aids the dieter by boosting the metabolism and promoting fat burning. Green tea is available as a beverage and diet pill.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is also shown to aid weight loss. Like green tea, oolong originates from the Camillia Sinensis plant, although oolong is made from fermented leaves. Its flavor is milder and smoother than both green and black varieties. A nutrient-dense tea, oolong contains antioxidants and caffeine. Like green tea, it is purported to provide a fat-burning effect and reduce water weight by acting as a natural diuretic.


Seaweed is a good source of trace minerals, including chromium and iodine. It’s a natural thyroid stimulant and a delicacy in Asian Cuisine. Seaweed is also as element in commercial cosmetics and organic fertilizers. As an herb for weight loss, seaweed is found in kelp capsules or tablets.

How to use Herbs for Supporting a Healthy Weight

Although these herbs might give dieters an edge, they cannot counteract unhealthy eating habits or a sedentary lifestyle. Diet and exercise are still the most crucial components to any weight loss plan. For the best results, use the herbs to complement your low-fat, reduced-calorie eating plan. Drink plenty of fluids to keep you hydrated and help flush toxins and fat. Exercise, although a gruesome undertaking for some, is essential. The good news is, you don’t have to join a gym or hire a trainer to get in shape. Brisk walking, bike riding and swimming are fun ways to exercise.

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  • Alejandro

    Green tea is a natural weihgt loss tea , and I highly suggest it. You don’t need to buy some fancy brand, it works with the natural ingredients. The catch? You need to drink quite a bit of it, up to 5 cups a day. You can realistically expect 60-80 calories lost a day from drinking this much, which ends up somewhere around 7 pounds lost in a year. In the real world, after all the marketing, this is a very nice boost for only what you drink. If you want some more professional info on weihgt loss, check out my source below.

    • Ruslan

      Well my mom, she’s 32, she had me when she was 15 and she always suggtrled with her weight but for 14 years, she has lost weight cause she has this diet .. It really works Though cause I lose three pounds a week when I increase, avoid sugary and junk food.. And drink a lot if water. .. Eat a good breakfast such as toast eggs juice and try to eat five times a day but in small porportions.. Don’t eat with your eyes.. Avoid going to the supermarket hungry because you’ll crave things and buy it and regurly try to do excercise .. Even if it mean taking a small walk around your block.. Eat fiber as well:)

  • Gio

    The healthiest green tea coatnins the most catechins and theanine.Catechins contain most of the antioxidants. Theanine is mainly known for calming your mind but has other health benefits.High grade loose-leaf has the most catechins and theanine. Read the link below for the study behind this.Incidentally they also have the highest caffeine, so don’t drink too much. Caffeine, in combination with catechins and theanine, is highly effective for losing weight.A high grade of 2 to 3 grams should brew you 3 cups, and that is equivalent to at least 6 teabags.Because you can infuse 3 times, it probably works out cheaper, and taste MUCH better.The second link coatnins two studies that show that combing green tea and an endurance exercise is high effective for burning fat.Hope it helpsJulian

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