Downloads for the Healthy Habits Lifestyle Guide

Healthy Habits Challenge
These downloads were designed to assist you as you journey through the Healthy Habits Challenge Lifestyle Guide!

Instructions, Forms & Sheets

What’s Your Why is a great place to start. You can write down why you decided to take this challenge and what some of the things are you want to accomplish (SMART Goals). It makes a great reference point so you can keep track of how great you are doing.

Accountability Sheet – Use this sheet to track your daily habits or download an App to your phone like My Fitness Pal or Fooducate

IN.FORM Maintenance Food List

IN.FORM Maintenance Serving Guide

Fermented Foods Infographic

Dry Skin Brushing Instructions


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Human Microbiome Project

EWG – learn about the environement and toxins in personal care products.

Check out the Collaborative on Health and the Environment

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