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The holiday season brings hosts of attractive appetizers and tempting treats. Those who graze on these goodies are likely to put on a few extra holiday pounds. According to Mayo Clinic nutritionists, typical holiday weight gain is around two pounds. Some see this number as seemingly insignificant. However, most adults also gain anywhere from a half a pound to two pounds yearly. Add those pounds add up overtime, and the numbers may surprise you. The following are simple steps you can take to shave off the weight in the same way you gained it: slowly and steadily.

Set Small Goals for Losing Holiday Pounds

If you have a large amount of weight to lose, you may be overwhelmed by the effort and time it will take to reach your goal. For this reason, many obese adults either never get started on their diets, or begin with great enthusiasm and end up losing steam and stopping short—never realizing their diet goal. Experts recommend slow and steady weight loss, however. By setting smaller goals, such as losing one to two pounds per week, you are able to celebrate small victories and gain the confidence to keep going. Research proves slower weight loss is more sustainable than a sudden drop in weight. Therefore, while it may be tempting to try a quick-fix fad diet, the old saying, “slow and steady wins the race,” is a surefire method for diet success.

Herbs and Aids

Although hosts of herbal products and diet aides are useless and sometimes dangerous, countless others are beneficial and effective. Don’t be discouraged by poor purchases you have made in the past. Quality products are available from trusted manufacturers. The following are some herbs and diet aids that may be both healthy and safe when used appropriately:

  • Green Tea: Shown to have a thermogenic effect, green tea helps increase the metabolic rate for greater fat burning. Additionally, green tea is a terrific source of antioxidants, which help boost health and counteract cell destruction caused by free radicals.
  • Slimming wraps: These weight loss garments help slim and tone your midsection by forcing intestinal fluid into your veins and causing you to excrete them through urination, says Pamela Peeke, M.D. Although products vary, some are infused with natural botanicals for maximum results.

These are just a few of the countless herbs and diet aids that may help you shed those holiday pounds and achieve weight loss success. Talk to a trusted health care specialist for additional product ideas. Check out of some of Nature’s Sunshine Weight Management Products.


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  • Carline

    I’m sorry, there’s really no such thing as a safe diet pill. They almsot all contain stimulants that can damage the cardiovascular system, and then there’s Alli, which can give you explosive diarrhea, so I don’t think you want that pill either. Diet and exercise should work perfectly fine. I think you’re probably either not giving it enough time (you should give it at least a month before you decide you’re not seeing results), or you aren’t dieting or exercising right.As for your diet, you should be eating high protein, high fat (saturated not trans, and no that’s not unhealthy), low carb, low sugar. Keep your calorie intake around 1500 a day, carbs around 100-150 g a day, and as little added sugar as you can manage. Make sure to eat lots of fruits and veggies too.And you need to push yourself when you exercise. A nice easy pace won’t do anything. You have to get sweaty, tired, and work hard. If you don’t feel tired when you’re done, if you’re not out of breath, you’re not doing it right. And you need to do both cardio and weight training, but on different days. Try and work out for at least an hour, 4-6 days a week.

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