IN.FORM Weight Management Program


Fed up with feeling bad or wanting help with weight management or want to lose weight? Try The IN.FORM Program. The IN.FORM Program is different than other weight management programs. IN.FORM is clinically studied, patent pending, and has been producing serious results! Two groups were studied. One Group followed the IN.FORM Meal plan and exercised and the other group followed the IN.FORM Meal plan, exercised and took the Metabolic Age Support System Products. The comparison study showed that the group that took the supplements had over a 50% increase in each of the following areas: weight loss, fat loss, reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and a reduction in LDL and total cholesterol. Amazing!

IN.FORM Weight Management Program uses a brand new concept that focuses on the health of our gut microbiome. Our gut microbiome affects our metabolic function and our our overall health. Poor metabolic function can lead to metabolic syndrome.  Metabolic syndrome is not the name of a disease, it refers to a group of risk factors. These metabolic risk factors include high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol levels and  abdominal fat. So not only will you gain control over your weight, the IN.FORM program with help support a healthy body composition,  healthy metabolic function, and healthy cardiovascular function. Whether you need to lose weight or maintain your weight,  or improve your metabolic function, the IN.FORM Program is for you because it is about resetting, repairing, and replenishing the body to Transform your Health!

IN.FORM – Weight Management Program & Education for Healthy Living

Join the AskMara IN.FORM team for this 13 week educational online program. Take back your health, because your health is more than your weight! The best part about joining our team is that the class is ongoing and online, so you can enroll whenever you are ready to start your journey!

The educational program covers the following IN.FORM topics:

1. Program Overview, Meal Plan, Water, Exercise and the Importance of Gut Health
2. Setting Realistic Goals, Hunger Scale, and Keeping a Food Journal
3. Toxicity, Cleansing and the role it plays in Losing Weight
4. The Importance of Protein
5. Heart Health and Healthy Fats
6. Master your Kitchen and Food Environment
7. The Dark Side of Sugar
8. The Emotional World of Eating
9. Dealing with Stress and how it impacts your weight
10. Glandular Health and Hormones
11. Replenish and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle
12. Building Social Networks
13. Being Aware of Eating

Following the IN.FORM Meal Plan, Exercising, and Taking the IN.FORM Metabolic Age Support Supplements
You CAN and WILL Take your Back your Health!

Reset – Repair – Replenish!

A Gift from Me to You

As a Certified IN.FORM Coach, Certified Natural Health Coach, Herbalist,  and Aromatherapist, I am thrilled to be able to offer you 4 options when choosing to join the AskMara IN.FORM Team! IN.FORM offers every individual an option whether you are wanting to lose weight, maintain weight, or transform into a healthier you!. You can choose which IN.FORM Option is right for you!

No matter what Option you choose, you will receive the following $399.00 Value for FREE!

  • Ongoing enrollment with access to our weekly educational webinars and additional information covering the above 13 topics.
  • Weekly Coaching via Email and Conference Calls. You also have the ability to contact me at any time with any questions or concerns.
  • Assistance with personalizing your wellness program by working with a Personal Lifestyle Transformation and IN.FORM Coach.
  • Free Products (listed below) to help you succeed!

Get Started Now

Once you select which IN.FORM Option that is best for you and become a member
under the AskMara IN.FORM team (NSP ID #230475),
You will receive the following products for


IN.FORM Participant Manual

IN.FORM Food Journal

IN.FORM Tape Measure