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If you are fed up with feeling bad, been wanting help with weight management, or wanting to tackle some health problems, then the Healthy Habits Challenge IN.FORM 90 Day Program is for you! As a Certified Natural Health Professional and IN.FORM Health Coach, I love this program because its not just about your weight, its about your improving your lifestyle and your gut health! So often when I consult with individuals, their lifestyle habits is the factor that is most ignored.

The IN.FORM Program is different than other healthy living or weight management programs on the market today. It is a healthy living program that focuses on healthy habits and gut health! This program is unique and has been clinically studied, patent pending and has been producing serious results. It is helping individuals Reset, Repair and Replenish their Microbiome with the IN.FORM Metabolic Age Support Supplements. It also teaches individuals how to live healthy, helping them take back their health! The clinical study was made up of 2 groups. One Group followed the IN.FORM Meal plan and exercised and the other group followed the IN.FORM Meal plan, exercised and took the INFORM Metabolic Age Support Products. The comparison study showed that the group that took the products had over a 50% increase in each of the following areas: weight loss, fat loss, reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and a reduction in LDL and total cholesterol. Amazing!

What is the IN.FORM 90 Day Program – It’s More than Weight Management

The IN.FORM Program focuses on gut health because we know that the health of the gut microbiome affects our overall health. Experts know that our gut microbiome affects 70-80% of our immune system and our neurotransmitters. Our gut microbiome also affects our metabolic function. When you have poor metabolic function it can lead to metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is not the name of a disease, it refers to a group of risk factors. These risk factors include high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol levels, fatty liver, and abdominal fat. INFORM will not only help you gain control over your weight, the IN.FORM program will help support a healthy body composition, healthy metabolic function, and healthy cardiovascular function. Whether you need to lose weight or maintain your weight, improve your metabolic function, or improve your gut health the IN.FORM Program is for you because it is about Resetting, Repairing, and Replenishing the whole body to Transform your Health!

What’s the 90 Day IN.FORM Challenge all about:

  • 13 Week Online Educational Program that is all about Healthy Living.
  • It offers a Holistic Way to Health giving you a new Road Map for Life.
  • Provides weekly interaction with a Personal Health Coach who is a Certified Natural Health Professional, Herbalist and Aromatherapist.
  • It’s not a DIET or a FAD! It’s a Clinically Proven Program to Support Healthy Metabolic Function. It helps Balance pH, Reduces Inflammation, Reduces Cholesterol, and Balances Blood Sugar.
  • The IN.FORM Program addresses Gut Health, Nutrition, Water, Exercise, Detoxification, Emotions/Stress, and Mindfulness because Healthy Living is all about creating Balance.
  • IN.FORM teaches you about how to use Food, Water, Protein, Exercise and sometimes Herbs, to be your best you!

It’s not going to be easy, learning new things is often challenging, It will be worth it!

Join Us and Take Back Your Health!

Join our team and take the 90 day Healthy Habits Challenge and Get IN.FORMed. Begin your 13 week educational online program. The topics covered throughout the program teaches you skills you can take with you. It’s time for all of us to Take Back Our Health! Remember, your health is so much more than your weight! The best part about joining our team is that the class is ongoing and online, so you can enroll whenever you are ready to start! If you give this program 100% I will give you 100% and you will see changes!

Following the IN.FORM Meal Plan, Exercising, and Taking the IN.FORM Metabolic Age Support Supplements
You CAN and You WILL Take Back your Health!

Reset – Repair – Replenish!

Everyone who joins our team receives the following!

  • Open and Ongoing enrollment with access to our weekly educational webinars on the above topics. Plus additional information that Mara’s learned over the past 10 years working as a Natural Health Consultant.
  • Weekly Coaching via Phone, Text, and Email.
  • Getting answers to your questions or concerns via phone calls and emails by being able to contact Mara as you go through the IN.FORM Program.
  • Personalizing your Wellness Program with questionnaires and by working with Mara, a Certified IN.FORM Health Coach, Aromatherapist and Natural Health Consultant.
  • The Products listed below to help you succeed!


IN.FORM Participant Manual
IN.FORM Food Journal
IN.FORM Tape Measure

This is a $399.00 Value for $99.00!

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