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Step One – Join our IN.FORM Team

Educational Program
Gain access to the Weekly Modules, Coaching,
Participant Manual, Tape Measure, Food Journal
$149.00 a value of $399.00
A Savings of $250.00!


Step Two – Complete the Registration Form

Once you join, you will receive a confirmation email to activate your membership and finish filling out the Registration Form. Please make sure to check your Spam folder for the confirmation email. If you miss the email, you can fill out the AskMara INFORM Registration Form here.

Step Three – Order the Products – Your Options for the 90 Day Get IN.FORMed Challenge

Once you have registered, we can connect via telephone to determine which products are right for you. Below are just a few options available to you to include the Metabolic Age Support Products. Please note that it is not necessary to purchase the products to change your habits and learn about healthy living and gut health. However, if you are serious about losing those extra pounds, improving your gut health, or taking back your health, I highly recommend adding the supplements.

Option One – Go for Gold and Purchase the Full INFORM Metabolic Age Support Kit

This option is the full IN.FORM Metabolic Age Support Kit and is for everyone who is ready to begin their journey and achieve a healthy weight! Remember, the individuals who received those amazing results not only followed the meal plan and exercised, they took the IN.FORM Metabolic Age Support Supplement Kit!

Each INFORM Metabolic Age Support Kit is a 30 day supply, costs $240.00 per kit and includes the following:

Full Kit Program Options IN.FORM
  • 4 bags of IN.FORM Protein Powder – Equivalent to 2 meal replacements per day.
  • Probiotic – 1 bottle
  • Berberine – 1 bottle
  • Metabolic Age Support Cardio Kit
  • An IN.FORM Program Guide

Choose from Pea, Whey or Non GMO Soy Protein. If you have questions or concerns about Soy, read this interesting article from Dr. Fuhrman.

OPTION Two – Go for Silver and Purchase the INFORM Maintenance Kit

If the full IN.FORM Metabolic Age Support Kit is too much, try the maintenance version to begin with to jump start your success for the first 30, 60 or 90 Days.

Each Product in Option two is a 30 day supply with a cost of $180.00 and includes a combination of the following:

  • 2 bags of IN.FORM Protein Powder – Equivalent to 1 meal replacement per day.
  • Probiotic – 1 bottle
  • INFORM Purify – 1 box
  • Metabolic Age Support Cardio Kit
  • An IN.FORM Program Guide

OPTION Three – Go for Bronze – Purchase the INFORM Metabolic Age Support Supplements and Cardio Kit

Not too crazy about protein powders yet you still want help managing your weight, balancing your microbiome and transforming your health? Then purchase the INFORM Supplements and INFORM Cardio Kit.

Each Basic INFORM Basic Metabolic Age Support Kit includes is a 30 day supply, costs $132.20 (member price) and the following products:

  • Probiotic 1 bottle
  • Berberine 1 bottle
  • 1 Metabolic Age Support Cardio Kit

The products in the IN.FORM Metabolic Age Support Kits will help restore and replenish your microbiome and help with endotoxins that can interfere with overall gut performance and glucose metabolism. A healthy gut supports a healthy insulin response and immune system as well as healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels. The Cardio kit contains a patent pending antioxidant blend to further support modulation of LDL cholesterol and healthy cholesterol levels. The Cardio Kit also provides essential fatty acids to maintain blood pressure already within the normal range, support cardiovascular function, brain health and a positive mood. The protein powders provide 20 grams of protein and 2 grams of phytosterols which may reduce the risk of heart disease. The protein powders are free from common allergens. Protein helps to promote muscle recovery after physical exercise and enhances the buildup of lean muscle mass as well as a healthy body composition when combined with exercise and a healthy diet.

Let’s Connect to Place your Order

It can be confusing on what supplements are right for you which is why I am here to help coach you through it! Above are some options for products, however, it is best to call me so we can connect and see what products are best for you! Please give me a call at 800-728-2425 so we can meet and go through your options together!

Thank you for joining our team!

Enrollment Information: Mara is an Independent Distributor for Nature’s Sunshine Products and a Lifestyle Coach certified in the IN.FORM Program. As a Certified IN.FORM Coach she is able to help participants work toward their wellness and nutritional goals. Remember, that any reasonable weight-management / healthy lifestyle program includes exercise and sensible eating. So, if you are unsure if you should participate, it is always a good idea to consult with your primary care physician before starting an exercise or lifestyle program.

Enrollment Requirements: By purchasing one of the above options, you agree to participate in the 13 week program and watch the webinars. You also agree to weigh yourself weekly and take measurements every four weeks. You should also know (which is why I have Option 4) that the purchase of Nature’s Sunshine Products is not required to participate in the IN.FORM Program. Remember, no matter what option you choose. Each option is a 30 day supply and you are able to change which Nature’s Sunshine Products you Reorder.

All participants must be 18 years of age or older to participate in the IN.FORM Program. All participant information is kept confidential. The only sharing of information will be via your comments and questions posted in the member section.

The information contained throughout the IN.FORM Program is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.