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Choose the Right Food and Supplements for your Blood Type

There is an old saying, “one man’s meat is another man’s poison,” suggesting that what may be healthy for one person may make another person feel worse. All too often, people think that because a particular diet or supplement plan improved their health, that it will work for everyone else. While this is done with good intentions, the fact is that people are different. They live in different climates, undergo different stresses and and are at different stages of life. This means you need to adjust your diet and supplements to your unique needs and constitution.

Natural healing traditions throughout the world recognized the important of a person’s constitution in selecting remedies. Constitution is rooted in your genetic makeup and one of these fundamental genetic differences is your blood type. You may know that if you were to receive a blood transfusion from an incompatible blood type, your immune system will reject it. However, the four different blood types, O, A, B, and AB affect more than the compatibility to donate or receive blood. Blood type affects how you interact with food and how your immune system works. It appears to also affect your nervous system function, how you handle stress and even your personality. Learn more in this month’s Sunshine Sharing.

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