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Supporting Your Body’s Cellular Energy Generators to Help Prevent and Overcome Chronic Disease Inside the cells of your body are tiny energy generating power plants called mitochondria. When these cellular power plants are not working properly, you will not only lose energy, you will also be more prone to numerous chronic and degenerative disease. Learn about your mitochondria and ways to keep them functioning properly in this month’s issue of Sunshine Sharing. You may also be […]

Don’t Lose Your Mind

Prevent age-related memory loss and keep your mind and memory sharp! There is no reason to lose your mind as you age. Alzheimer’s disease affects about one out of nine Americans over the age of 65. As the baby boomer generation ages, more and more people will be afflicted with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. It’s estimated that more than 16 million Americans could have the disease by 2050. You shouldn’t wait until your losing […]

Maintaining the Balance of Health

The idea that balance is the key to health is a foundational principle in all traditional systems of herbal medicine. These traditional systems include Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and even Traditional Western Herbalism. Learning to identify how the body is out of balance and what we can do restore balance is a key to learning how to recover health. Part of this balance is learning how to work with the internal environment or biological terrain […]

The Health Benefits of Algae and Sea Vegetables

Algae for Health Each year, millions of tons of seaweed are harvested for industrial, agriculture and food purposes. These salt-water algae are loaded with numerous essential minerals and vitamins, including a relatively rare, but important element called iodine. They also provide gums and mucilage that have soothing and detoxifying effects. Salt-water algae and their fresh-water cousins are also great sources of complete protein. Read all about the health benefits of both salt and fresh water algae […]

Do you Feel Burned Out

Feeling Tired, Stressed, Overwhelmed? Sometimes the stress of life starts to take its toll on our energy and our health and we start to feel burned out. Our drive, enthusiasm, joy, and ambitions are gone. We’re stressed, tired and overwhelmed. This issue of Sunshine Sharing discusses what happens that makes us feel burned out, and what we can do to recover our energy and our enthusiasm for life. Read more in this issue of Sunshine Sharing. […]

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Learn to Love Your Liver

We’re not talking about eating liver; we’re talking about taking care of the internal organ that performs over 500 vital functions to keep you healthy. If you just don’t feel well, experiencing fatigue, grogginess, headaches, irritability, or lethargy, the problem could be a congested, overburdened liver. Unfortunately, modern liver dysfunction won’t show up on your doctor’s lab tests and many people who don’t have anything wrong with them medically, but just don’t feel good, need to […]