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Learn How you can Restore Thyroid Function with Natural Remedies

Function:  Is Your Thyroid Balanced? Are you one of the 27 million Americans (200 million worldwide) that have some form of thyroid disease? You could be. Up to 60% of the people who have this problem don’t even know it. One of the reasons for this is that the TSH testing most doctors rely on to diagnose thyroid problems isn’t 100% reliable in determining the glandular problems. Many people have multiple symptoms related to this problem. […]

cholesterol and heart health

Cholesterol, Sugar, and Salt – Don’t Let your Heart Fail You

Heart health is important that is why this month’s Sunshine Sharing focuses on cholesterol and heart health. According to Dr. Halstead, it takes twenty years for current medical research to filter down through the medical system and become the standard practice of medical doctors. This certainly appears to be true with heart disease prevention, where decades old misconceptions abound. Here are some widely believed misconceptions and concepts that are out of date with current medical research. […]

donuts are not a healthy food

Are you a Sugar Addict | Learn how to Break your Habit

Having Diabetes or Metabolic Syndrome Isn’t Sweet Before the introduction of refined grains and later refined sugars, diabetes was virtually unknown. As soon as refined sugar and white flour are introduced into a group of people, rates of obesity and diabetes skyrocket. If that’s not bad enough, sugar consumption is linked to numerous other health problems. Most people know that too much sugar is bad for them but how much is “too much?” In this issue […]

winter health

There is a Cure for the Common Cold (and Flu)

An Effective, Natural Approach to the Common Cold and Flu Your immune system is incredible! It knows how to prevent you from getting sick with a cold or flu, it also knows how to treat it. Your immune system expels the viruses and irritants that are making you sick through fever, sneezing, coughing, and other symptoms. That’s the Cure! The problem is that many people think that these symptoms are the disease and take medications to […]

back pain lower back pain

Support Your Spine | Backaches | Spinal Problems

Do you experience backache, neck pain, slipped disks or other spinal problems? If so, it’s time to learn how to create a healthy, pain-free spine. Learn about the causes of back pain and how our nerves and our emotions relate to our spine. You will also get some tips on natural approaches for a healthy spine including how you can do your own herbal spinal adjustment.  Also learn a little about kidney chi, inflammation, and how […]

blood health

Understanding the River of Life | Blood Health

How to Support the Blood Cells that Protect and Nourish our Health Our blood nourishes every cell of the body with water, nutrients and life-giving oxygen, making the flow of blood the river of life for the human body. The blood carries three types of cells, red blood cells (RBC’s), white blood cells (WBC’s), and platelets. Learn about these three types of cells, what they do for your health and how you can keep these vitals […]