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chronic inflammation

Inflammation the Underlying Cause of Many Health Concerns

While there are numerous chronic ailments and a variety of aches and pains you might suffer from, all of them have one thing in common – they all being with inflammation. This does not mean that inflammation is a bad thing. It is the normal response of the body to any kind of tissue damage. Whenever tissuss are injured, biochemical messengers are released that initiate an inflammation repsonse. This response activates the immune system to check […]

Natural Solutions Chronic Pain

Natural Solutions for Chronic Pain

Too many of us are suffering with chronic pain. Natural solutions for Chronic Pain are available and this month’s newsletter is going to share some ideas and tips with you. Acute pain occurs when you are injured and the pain dissipates naturally as the injury heals. So once you are aware of the injury and have taken care of it, taking an analgesic (a pain relieving medicine) to ease the pain while the injury heals makes […]

Healing the Heart | Basic Remedies for Heart Concern

Heart Health Heart health is super important because your heart is miraculous. It started to beat before you were born and will continue to beat about once a second throughout your life. Each contraction sends life-giving blood throughout your body, supplying oxygen and nutrients to every cell. Your heart is more than a simple pump. It is intimately connected with your nervous and glandular system. Also, your heart responds dynamically to your environment, emotional moods, and […]


Let your Blood Flow – Natural Solutions Circulation Issues

Reducing agglutination, Preventing Blood Clots, and Healing Varicose Veins Blood supplies every cell of your body with water, nutrients, and life-giving oxygen. Without a constant blood supply it’s impossible for tissues to remain healthy. So, anything that interferes with blood flow will adversely affect the whole body and may even be life threatening. It If blood thickens due to the clumping of red blood cells, a problems called agglutination, the ability of the blood to nourish […]

trace minerals alfalfa

Trace Minerals | Why we need them for our Health

Minerals and Elements Ignorance about nutrition has caused until disease, suffering, and premature death. Less than 200 years ago, only major nutrients like fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and a few minerals like iron and calcium were understood to be essential for human nutrition. It was only about 100 years ago that scientists discovered the importance of vitamins and the importance of many trace minerals. Unfortunately, during the very same period of time researchers were discovering the importance of […]


Major Minerals for Health Deficiencies and Disease

Why we Need Major Minerals At one time, people obtained all the nutrients their body needed from the food they ate. That is no longer the case in modern society, particularly when it comes to minerals. Minerals for health are a necessity. Minerals must be present in the soil in order for plants (and animals which eat them) to obtain them. Plants also need the assistance of fungi and bacteria in the soil to be able […]