Hydration: beyond drinking water

Let’s be honest. Water isn’t always the tastiest option for hydration. But what if you truly detest the taste of the original thirst-quencher? hydration

If you struggle to drink as much water as the experts recommend, we’ve got some great ideas for how you can stay hydrated without having to struggle through those eight glasses every day.

If plain water isn’t your thing, you can always try making it more exciting:

  • Sparkling water is a great choice for those who like the carbonation in soda. We’re also lucky to have many flavors to choose from!
  • Water enhancement powders and pre-flavored enhanced water offer flavor and vitamins but monitor how much sugar you intake. Sugar can help your body absorb the hydration, but too much sugar can lead to unwanted spikes in blood sugar.
  • Herbal tea is a great alternative as well. Regardless of whether you prefer hot or iced tea, the nutrients within this water-heavy beverage will surely help you meet your daily intake.
  • Skim milk is also a good option, as it contains all of the vitamins and minerals found in heavier milks but without the high-fat content.

Foods and Drinks for Hydration

Did you know you can also eat to stay hydrated? A number of foods have a high percentage of water content, so you’ll be that much closer to your daily intake goals by noshing on some of these:

  • Fruits with high water content include watermelon, strawberries, peaches, oranges and kiwi. These fruits are also high in vitamins that act as antioxidants, helping to block wrinkle-causing free radicals. Smoothies are an easy way to incorporate these into your diet.
  • Vegetables with high water content include bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, celery, zucchini and spinach. Also high in vitamins and antioxidants, these nutritious foods can be integrated into your diet in a number of ways. Opting to use vegetables like zucchini as alternatives to pasta is a fun idea!
  • Soups and broths are another great way to stay hydrated if you’ve already had your daily fill of fruits and vegetables. Most broths and soups also contain beneficial minerals and protein. Just watch the sodium!
  • Yogurt and cottage cheese are both high in both protein and water content, meaning you’ll be hydrating and building strong bones at the same time.
  • Oatmeal and chia seeds are two products that soak up and retain water naturally, so they’re easy hydrators. Soaking them overnight in water or skim milk with fruits and flavors of your choice makes for an easy hydrating breakfast.

As you can see, you don’t need to rely so heavily on drinking water if you’re consuming it in other ways. If you add some of the above foods and beverages into your diet, they’ll help your body stay hydrated. Interested in reducing your pain, inflammation, fatigue and weight – Join the 13 Week Free Program “Healthy Habits Challenge”.