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Emotions and Health

Emotions and Health – Exploring the Mind Body Connection

Recognizing and Resolving the Mental and Emotional Issues Behind Physical Health Problems There is a tendency in Western medicine to separate mental and emotional issues from physical health problems. This has never been the case with traditional medicine. All systems of traditional medicine have seen strong connections between the mind, emotions, and spiritual as well as physical health problems. The truth is that healing is rarely a process that involves only the physical body. it also […]

tips for healthy skin

Tips for Healthy Skin

Loving the Skin You’re In We are all familiar with the saying that “beauty is only skin deep,” but having beautiful healthy skin is so important that around 100 billion dollars are spent on skin care products globally. That’s not even counting the 571 billion spend on cosmetics. Skin care is important for everyone. About 65% of women use skin care products daily and 37% of men use them daily as well.  And considering the skin […]

environmental toxicity

Environmental Toxcity – Thriving in a Toxic World

Protecting our Health from Increasing Levels of Environmental Toxicity Recently a major chemical spill made national headlines. However, this spill is just one among many incidents where toxic chemicals are accidently released into the environment and are far more common than most people realize. Environmental toxicity is a reality. In a study published by the CDC in 2015, a survey of nine states over a ten-year period from 1999 to 2008, found a total of 57,975 […]