Iridology Consult Instructions

Thank you for scheduling an Iris Consultations and wanting to improve your health. Please view the following instructions to assist you when taking your Iris Photos.

You may also want to watch this Youtube video below that I found done by another chiropractor’s office. They did an awesome job.

You can also view the following guidelines below to ensure a good quality picture of your eyes:

1) Need at least a 5.5 pixel camera (the higher the number, the better) or your cell phone.

2) Take the picture about a foot away from the face so that not only the eye is in the picture, but some of the face as well.  Most people make the mistake of getting too close

3) Most cameras have a setting with a flower on it – it is made for close up.  Check your camera’s instruction manual to find the setting for close up pictures.

4) It’s important to take the picture away from any outside light, glare from light coming in the windows or artificial light from lamps or overhead lights.  It’s best to take the picture in a hallway.

5) Use a flash.  If you have very, light blue eyes, sometimes the flash cannot be used.

6) Pictures need to be clear and light.

7) No cropping or altering pictures

8) Typical pixel size is 1500 x 1500 or higher

9) The person should be looking straight ahead

10) If the top of the eye and the bottom of the eye do not show, then spread the eyelids open so they do.

11) Attach the pictures to an email that contains a few dates and times you would be available to review and analyze them.

Once you take your eyes photos, email them to me at

Also include times you are available to talk and a number you can be reached at.

Thanks again.