DukeWellness is a journey and this blog is all about sharing. Sharing is caring and I hope to share the experiences I have had on my own journey toward wellness with you, as well as what I have learned through my studies of herbs, aromatherapy, and natural health. I also hope you share your experiences and education with me as well. Learning from each other is what life is all about!

I have always believed that each of us is responsible for our own health. I know, it is that person in the mirror thing haunting us again. I know how much time it takes to shop and cook healthy foods. I know what a commitment it is to make time to exercise so our body and muscles stay in shape. Not to mention how much time it takes to manage our stress, plan our life and actually live it! It can be exhausting just thinking about it.

Over the past twenty years since I began my journey, I have noticed lots of  things. I have noticed that you can’t buy health.  Health seems to be achieved by those who through dedication to oneself, discipline and love carry on despite everything else. I have also noticed that too many of us start to pay closer attention to our health once we have had that first heart attack or get diagnosed with RSD  / CRPS (like myself). Don’t wait like I did, make time to take care of yourself today. It is worth it! If you happen to be like me, and you just had to wait till something happened, you can still improve your health and your life by taking the time to do it now.

Remember, when you feel good you are able to take care of  your family and support your friends and enjoy yourself. It is when we are at our best that we can best serve others. I believe sharing to be one of our greatest gifts! So don’t forget to learn about your options, natural and traditional so you are are not only the navigator of your own journey, you are an educated navigator!  So please join me in trying to lead by example and taking time to take care of yourself today!

Here’s to your health!

PS – I am an animal lover! My dog Duke (pictured above) is no longer with us. He brought me lots of love – what a dog he was!

Written by Mara Gerke – 09/28/1979 – Copyright – All Rights Reserved.