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Mara is a natural health consultant and holistic health practitioner coach
Training and Certifications
(CNHP) Certified Natural Health Consultant
(CA) Certified Aromatherapist
IN.FORM Health Coach
Chronic Pain Support

Most likely you are here because you are aren’t feeling as good as you think you should and are ready to take action and work with someone individually who can help! I am here to help you learn about natural health, healthy living and eating and how YOU can help YOURSELF.

When I began managing my own health challenges I gained some insight that I don’t think I would have had. Dealing with my own chronic pain and the complexity of my symptoms was very challenging. It was during my own journey back to health that taught me to explore new things and open up my mind. I began learning more about holistic health and healing and what it had to offer me. I also made a huge decision that it was time for me to take charge and start actively participating in my own well-being.

Your Natural Health Journey

Taking a holistic approach to your health is definitely not about a quick fix. The holistic approach allows you to learn about healthy lifestyle habits and how the changes you make can impact your health. The holistic approach also takes a look at the whole you – your body, mind and spirit! Holistic healing combines many forms of natural therapies.

These therapies can include lifestyle changes, changes in how you eat, gut health, cleansing and detoxification, limiting your exposure to toxins. It also includes herbal and nutritional supplements, essential oils and Aromatherapy, and Bach Flower Essences for balancing emotions.

Your journey with us is going to be unique because it’s based on YOU. Taking the holistic approach will help you transition to a healthier you by bringing your body back to balance!

Individual Health Coaching

Our Individual Health Coaching offers the following:

  • An initial consultation with Mara including a current health assessment and questionnaires.
  • Weekly check-ins (via phone or zoom) to keep you accountable. This is recommended for the first 4 weeks.
  • Personalized recommendations to help you on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet as well as which supplements oils and flower remedies may be beneficial for you based on your initial health assessment.

Our cost for this 30 day Individual Coaching is $99.00!

Individual Health Coaching

If you prefer an online program, check out our Free Healthy Habits Challenge or our IN.Form Program which is all about addressing gut health and some of today’s chronic health concerns.

Call us at 800-728-2425 for your FREE 30 Minute Consultation to see what will work best for you.