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My friends call me the The Wellness Lady (aka the Herbal Addict). They always joke and go hey Mara do you have an herb or an essential oil for that. Most of the time I do! I am all about helping people create a healthy lifestyle by creating healthy habits.

Mara Gerke CA, CNHP, HHP
Mara Gerke – CNHP / Herbalist

I don’t want you to struggle as long as I did before you feel better. No one should feel bad physically or emotionally. My journey back to health took me a while. However, I made it and I plan on staying right where I am!  My journey left me with a strong passion to help others by sharing the information I learned as I traveled on my own road back to health.

Did you know that many of today’s chronic health problems are the result of our lifestyle habits? If you can improve your habits, you can improve your health! Poor lifestyle habits and a diet full of processed foods can create an unhealthy gut. An unhealthy gut contributes to pain, inflammation, weight gain and fatigue. 

Today’s Health Concerns

Inflammation or chronic inflammation contributes to many of today’s top health concerns including:

  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Chronic Pain
  • Heart Disease
  • Certain types of cancers
  • Autoimmune issues and many more.

These health concerns can be improved or sometimes even reversed by learning to create healthier lifestyle habits and healthier eating habits. 

If you are wondering what I do. I help people who are interested in improving their health by sharing with them how to improve their lifestyle habits by sharing my story with them. If you are interested in improving your habits and your health or are looking for information to help a friend or a family member, we can help. My goal is to help you live a healthier, more energized life! It’s time to start living the life you want!


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My focus is on creating healthy lifestyle habits, healthy eating habits, detoxification, managing stress and supporting your weakest link. We offer the below one on one programs or you can join one of our online Healthy Habits Programs. 

  • pH Balancing 
  • Body System Analysis
  • Balancing Emotions

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