Health and Wellness Products

During my journey back to health I came across several health and wellness products that I love to share with others. During the past 18 years, I have been introduced to many products, however, these products continue to be amazing and super helpful to myself and customers.

Aqua Chi Foot BathAqua Chi Foot Bath

Helps with Well-Being, Energy and Detoxification

The Aqua Chi Foot Bath is a wonderful product that focuses on giving your body energy through negative ions. It has a patented bio-electric charge and is used in wellness centers throughout the USA. This unique charge or energy is what provides its many healthy benefits. Many individuals have found this foot bath to help with enhancing their ability to detoxify, boost their energy, and give them a feeling of improved wellness. The Aqua Chi Foot Bath comes with a 7 year warranty and is made in the USA. I have used this footbath in my wellness center with clients for 15 years.

SOQI Products

Chi Machine Sun AnconSun Ancon Chi Machine

Helps Promote Circulation, Move your Lymphatics,
Relieve Tight Muscles, and Promotes Relaxation to Help Manage Stress.

I love my Chi Machine – it totally changed my health! It has a rhythmic figure 8 movement. This movement promotes full body relaxation. It also helps to promote circulation and maximizes your oxygen utilization due to its ability to relax your bronchioles for deep breathing. Not to mention its benefits of lymphatic movement which helped with my edema. The Chi Machine definitely benefits your whole body and is one of the best wellness devices on the market.

SOQI Ceramic FIR Dome / HotHouse SOQI Ceramic FIR Dome (formerly the SOQI HotHouse)

Far Infrared Therapy Provides a Gentle Warmth, Promotes Circulation,
Helps to Relieve Muscle Aches, Tension and Swelling. 

Far Infrared Therapy offers many health benefits. Benefits include detoxification through the sweat, help in relieving pain, releases muscle tension, promotes overall relaxation, better circulation, and supports a healthy immune system. The SOQI Ceramic FIR Dome offers far infrared therapy that is portable and can be done in your own home. It offers benefits similar to a far infrared sauna. The SOQI FIR Dome is one of the most effective domes on the market with its silicon crystal patented lining. Consider adding this to your current wellness regimend.

Electro Reflex Energizer Reflexology Foot MassagerAdvanced Electro Reflex Energizer

Electrical Stimulation and Reflexology / Acupressure

If you benefit from electrical stimulation or reflexology, you are going to love the Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer. It is amazing and can be used to target large muscle groups, your feet or your hands. The benefits of reflexology and electrical stimulation include overall relaxation, better nerve function, promotes circulation, helps your body eliminate toxins, reduces muscle tension and pain. The Advanced ERE comes with 6 electro pad (similar to a TENS Unit) which is why it benefits large muscle groups, helping to keep the muscles relaxed.

E-Power Machine, PEMF therapy negative ionsE-Power Machine

A Negative Potential High Frequency Energizer – Similar to PEMF Therapy!

Negative potential energy is powerful! The E-Power Machine offers high frequency, negative potential energy to re-energize and balance your body. It has been used in Japan safely for over 20 years and is a great energy therapy device. We all need energy to survive and this machine definitely provides it! The E-Power Machine gives the body cellular energy through the skin helping the body to balance and recover. It also greatly benefits the skin through its skin rejuvenating benefits. It’s time to help your body detoxify, improve your overall energy and reduce your pain and inflammation. No other machine like it on the market today.

SOQI Bed for Healing and CancerSOQI Bed

Combines the Benefits of the Chi Machine with Far Infrared Therapy

The SoQi (pronounced so-key) bed offers a unique experience in natural healing and relaxation. It combines the benefits of the Chi Machine and SOQI Far Infrared Dome. The SOQI Bed promotes  circulation and lymphatic movement, detoxification, relieves minor muscle aches and pain, provides overall relaxation from a stressfule day. It also includes a sound system which plays relaxing music to help you further unwind. I love it and use mine every day!

Far Infrared Heating Pag FIR PadFar Infrared Heating Pad

Provides a Gentle Warmth and Soothes Achy Muscles

The SOQI FIR Pad is different than a traditional heating pad. Traditional heating pads heat you from the outside in, while this warms you from the inside out. It utilizes far infrared thermal heat to soothe tired achy muscles and promote circulation. It heats up super quick and offers a range of temperatures up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. Very affordable and portable!

SOQI Graphene BeltGraphene Back Support Belt

Back Support or Waist Trimming Belt

The SOQI Graphene Belt offers great back support. Graphene is one of the best sources of far infrared therapy which is why this belt is so great! It helps reduce muscle tension, inflammation and pain, especially through the lower back. My husband is a farmer and he uses this after a long day for 20 minutes to help reduce his stiffness. Since it offers the power of Far Infrared, you can turn it around for warming and reducing your abdomen.