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●  You’ve stayed home from work because you were experiencing diarrhea or pain
●  You’ve turned down invitations because you were concerned about how your gut would behave.
●  Avoided favorite foods to escape bloating, gas, or those sudden bathroom runs.
●  Always have an eye out for the nearest restroom when you’re out in public.

If you nodded yes to any of these, then my 7-Day Gut Health Revolution is tailor-made for you!

Mara Gerke, CNHP - 7 Days to Gut Health


Hi! I’m Mara, your CNHP and Health Coach and guide for this transformative journey.

I get it—balancing a bustling life while trying to be healthy can feel impossible.

But that’s why I’m here: to navigate you through these 7 days, helping you wave goodbye to those pesky gut issues.

Here’s What I’ve Got in Store for You

  • 7 groundbreaking strategies for achieving optimal gut health. They’re straightforward, quick, and I’ll walk you through each one!
  • Simple tweaks to your daily habits and food choices that’ll bolster your gut health without adding stress.
  • A fun, engaging experience where I, as your gut health coach, will be right by your side. We’ll laugh, learn, and grow, day by day.
  • Receive actionable, sustainable advice that could even trim a few inches off your waistline—no dieting involved!

And Guess What?

This 7-day challenge, which I personally crafted and is typically priced at $27, is yours FOR FREE—but it won’t last long!

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