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Certified Aromatherapist (CA)
(CH) Certified Herbalist
(CNHP) Certified Natural Health Professional
Chronic Pain Support & Coach
IN.FORM Health Coach
Certifications in Iridology

If you aren’t feeling as well as you think you should and you are ready to feel better, we can help! As a Natural Health Consultant and Health Coach and an individual who has managed her own health concerns from RSD / CRPS for over 20 years, I want to help you develop YOUR wellness program using a variety of tools and therapies that will fit YOUR needs. Managing my own health challenges gave me an insight I don’t think I would have if I hadn’t had to deal with chronic pain and the complexity of symptoms from RSD / CRPS. During my own journey I definitely learned to take charge and participate in my own well-being.

As a Natural Health Consultant, one of the most important things to know is that choosing to take a holistic approach to your health is definitely not about taking a pill and feeling better in an hour. Taking a more natural approach to your wellness allows you to learn about healthy lifestyle habits and taking a look at the whole you – body, mind and spirit! Your journey with us is going to be unique. It is based on what YOUR goals are. Every journey usually involves combining several different types of natural therapies. These natural therapies often include focusing on healthier lifestyle habits, cleansing and detoxification, herbal and nutritional supplements, and Aromatherapy or Bach Flower Essences for emotional support.

These therapies are very helpful during your transition to a healthier lifestyle and a healthier you. Our main goal is to help you bring your body back to balance! We offer several different options to help you do that. If you are wanting to learn more about maintaining your health, wanting to know which supplements may be right for you, need help dealing with a minor concern, wanting to shed some pounds, or living with chronic pain we have an option that can help!

Healthy Living Options

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FREE 15 Minute Phone Consult with the Body System Analysis!

The Body System Analysis is a questionnaire that utilizes a systematic approach to wellness. It is based on the principle that every disease or symptom has a root cause. Root causes are classified into five categories including mental and emotional stress, nutritional deficiencies, physical trauma, toxic overload, and basic physical and/or emotional makeup. It also analyzes the 11 main systems of the body: digestive, hepatic, intestinal, respiratory, urinary, circulation, nerves, glandular, structural, immune, and reproductive. The purpose of this questionnaire is to determine which body system is in need of the most nutritional support.

All our consults are based on a natural “A, B, C” approach to wellness. Activating, Building, and Cleansing is what the body does with the right nutrition to bring itself back in balance. After reviewing your answers, we can discuss the nutritional support options for your weakest body system to help bring your body back in balance. Symptoms don’t just appear at random, they are your body’s way of telling you things are out of balance.

Receive a FREE 15 Minute Phone Consultation and Take our FREE Body System Analysis.

Once we receive your completed form, we will contact you for a FREE Phone Consultation (approximately 15 minutes) where we might ask you a few questions and review with you our product and healthy lifestyle suggestions.

Healthy Habits Challenge | 30 Day Reboot!

A $129.00 Value for $29.95!

(coming soon)

The Healthy Habits Challenge is about 8 basic habits needed for a healthy lifestyle. They came to me during my own journey toward wellness and appeared again after I began working as a natural health consultant. Over the past several years, during my meetings with clients, I kept reviewing the same topics. These topics would include: eating good food; clean water; moving your body; basic supplements for supporting overall health and/or your weakest body system; bowel elimination and cleansing; detoxifying your environment; managing your emotions; and the importance of faith and having a good support system.

It’s a fact that living a healthy lifestyle and following many of these 8 healthy habits can reduce your risk of developing a chronic disease. This challenge is for anyone wanting to learn more about these 8 healthy habits. Whether you already have a chronic disease or just want to fine tune your habits, this Challenge will guide you through what you need to know so you can improve your gut health and your overall well-being.

Learn more about the Healthy Habits Challenge Reboot!

Healthy Habits Challenge | Get IN.FORMed in 90 Days

Reset | Repair | Replenish your Gut Health

A $399.00 Value – Introductory Offer $99.00!

The IN.FORM Program is for everyone who wants to take back their health and shed some weight. It not only includes the basics of a healthy lifestyle it offers you a 13 week online educational healthy living and weight management program to restore your Gut Health! This program has been clinically studied for weight management and combating metabolic syndrome. It is a one of a kind program that focuses on the root cause – to restoring gut health!

Metabolic syndrome is the term used to address a set of risk factors that include fatty liver, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and unhealthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels. You will not just learn the basics. You will learn about maintaining a healthy weight, building and supporting your digestive and immune system, thyroid and adrenal health, natural ways to manage stress and help you sleep, and finally improve your gut health and microbiome. It’s time to take back your health and turn your metabolism back on!

Learn more about the Healthy Habits Challenge Get IN.FORMed Program!

natural health consultation onlineIndividual Natural Health Consultations – One on One

If you are looking for one on one consultations and coaching with a natural health consultant, this option is for you! We offer a detailed form which allows us to assess your lifestyle habits. It also lets us know about your nutrition, and gives us a look into you as a whole person body, mind and spirit. This assessment helps us determine what lifestyle changes may benefit you. It will give us insight so we can determine if it’s time for you to cleanse and detox. It will also help us make suggestions on what your supplemental needs are for general support or to address an area of concern you might have.

We also support the emotions with Bach Flowers and/or Aromatherapy. A Custom Bach Flower Remedy or Aroma Inhaler is included with ALL Initial Consultations. We may also incorporate different therapies such as pH testing, Iridology and Bio-Kinesiology or Muscle Testing. We utilize the BDORT (Bi-Digital O-Ring Test). If you are ready to work with someone one on one and begin your journey toward wellness, we are ready to help you!

Our Natural Health Consultations are available via Telephone or in our Office.
Our One on One consultation includes the Initial Consultation which takes approximately 1 hour,
2 Weekly Phone Calls, and a 30 Minute Follow Up Appointment.
Our fee for this one on one consultation is $100.00.

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