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Natural Health Consultant and Holistic Care

Do you feel as good as you think you should or want to?  What are your individual concerns?  Well as a Natural Health Consultant and Holistic Health and Wellness Coach and an individual who has managed her own health concerns for 22 years (RSD/CRPS),  I want to help you develop YOUR wellness program using a variety of tools and therapies that will fit YOUR needs. Whether you are relatively healthy, dealing with a minor concern, or living with chronic pain we can help!

Choosing to go the holistic and natural way is definitely not about taking a pill and feeling better in an hour.  Treating yourself holistically takes a little time and allows you the opportunity to develop lifestyle changes! YOUR journey can involve combining several different natural therapies. These therapies may include cleansing and detoxification, aromatherapy, herbal and nutritional therapy, emotional support, and the SOQI Energy Products. These are just a few of the complimentary and alternative or integrative therapies you can use and develop. Remember, deciding to add these complimentary therapies to your overall regimen doesn’t necessarily mean you have to abandon what you are currently doing.

What’s Your Root Cause

Every chain has a weak link and it is no different with individuals.  Some individuals display weakness in their digestive system while others it is in their circulatory system.  You can’t achieve wellness without addressing and supporting your weakest link.  Utilizing “The Body System Analysis” developed by Steven Horne,  can help us identify your weakest link or body system.  Root causes can be related to stress, nutritional deficiencies, trauma, toxicity, or your inherent makeup, or as my nephew Charlie would say, how you roll! Once we identify it and support it, we can assist you with your overall wellness. This is one of our great tools at assessing health, not disease!  This tool helps us help YOU by keeping your body in a balanced state of health!

Lifestyle Changes

Uh oh, did you say “Lifestyle Changes”?  I know you don’t want to change. I mean we all love pizza and eclairs! If you want to improve your energy and improve your overall health, you have to create healthy habits and feed your body nutritious food 80-90% of the time!  You also need to drink clean water, and exercise.


We live in a polluted world. Even when our body is at our optimum and we are eating good 80-90% of the time, we need to cleanse.  No matter how careful we are as to what we put on our skin and what we clean our homes with, we still need to cleanse the body 2-4 times per year. Did you know that over 70,000 chemicals have been created since WWII and I don’t have to tell you where they are! There are many different forms of detoxification and we can discuss which would work best for you.

healthassessmentHerbal Therapy & Nutritional Supplements

Did you know herbs are food?  Garlic, sage, rosemary, black pepper, cayenne pepper, etc. are spices and we have been adding them to our food for centuries!  Not only do they add flavor, they can help the body in many ways because of their properties and nutrients. Foods and Herbs are processed by the body in the same way.

Your herbal program should be designed to assist your body with the nutrients it needs so your body can function at its best! Support your weakest system or supplement with basic nutrients. When you begin your herbal program and your body gets the nutrients it needs, it starts building, repairing, and cleansing.  This may cause symptoms similar to a cold or flu, if you happen to get those symptoms, don’t worry, your body is doing what it is supposed to!  These symptoms will only last 2 -3 days and is what we call in the natural health field a “healing crisis”.  Not ever allowing the body to have a healing crisis, continuing to reinforce bad habits are why I believe there are so many chronic conditions today.

Herbal programs are one part of our consultation. If you are curious to  see what supplements may be right for supporting you, take this FREE online Health Assessment. Once you take this Health Analyzer, call me and I will help you select which products may best assist you – this is also FREE!

Supporting Our Emotions with Bach Flowers and Aromatherapy

I don’t think you can be sick without having an emotional component to your illness.  When you are sick, you don’t feel well and that can cause you to feel stressed, worry, and be anxious. Look at how stress alone impacts our immune system. Bach Flower Therapy and Aromatherapy are two great tools that can help you manage your emotions and more importantly, balance them.

Emotions can affect our health by creating energy blockages throughout our body. These energy blockages can lead to pain and health concerns. Several techniques can help to clear or release these blockages. We use several of these techniques including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Bach Flowers, and Aromatherapy.  is easy to use and can help our clients clear these emotional blockages.  All these techniques are easy and effective.

Iridology Bio-Kinesiology is based on the science that all living things contain some type of internal energy or vibration. It offers a noninvasive way of evaluating and assessing the body’s imbalances or needs by tapping into its internal energy. Bio-Kinesiology simply measures the body’s response to something when applying pressure to an area such as a large muscle or meridian acupressure point. The resistance to this applied pressure provides information on energy blockages, trapped emotions, the energy of the glands and organs based on acupressure points, nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, and various other things. We use the BDORT  (Bi-Digital O-Ring Test).

Iridology is used as a tool to evaluate one’s possibilities, potentials, or tendencies. Iridology or Iris Analysis can recognize possible toxins and their locations, stages of inflammation, inherent weakness or strength, general overall health and deficiencies. It is no wonder we have heard the expression “the eyes are the window to the soul.” Photos would need to be submitted.

pH Analyzing is part of the body’s natural chemistry.  An Imbalance in pH can affect everything. It can affect your overall health, your mood, how you age, and even how you digest foods. It is important when working with a client to take a look at pH. If you want to balance the body, you have to work on pH. Dr. Carey Reams, a scientist and chemist, developed the Biological Theory of Ionization that incorporates information from urine and saliva, taking the guesswork out of how to bring balance to the body. To sum up, Dr. Carey Reams believed that the basis of life was energy.

They say that every journey begins with a single step, let’s take a step!

Consultations available in our Office or via Telephone.

Initial Consultation – 1 to 1 1/2 hours – $100.00

Follow Up Consultations – usually 30 minutes – $40.00

Once you schedule your consultation, we will send you an email. You will be sent our Disclaimer Form, Client Health Form and Instructions for taking an Iris Photo if applicable. Contact our office at 800-728-2425 to schedule!