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It’s Just Stress – You Can Handle It!

What creates Stress Life is definitely filled with challenges, conflicts, problems, and sometime hardships and tragedies. Some of these are personal, others involved major world events, the news of which can create stressful feelings. For examples, in recent years there has been a global pandemic, food shortages and rising cost of living, multiple wars, and a range of natural disasters. How you are managing stress is important for your health. It’s important to learn how to […]

healthy fats

Fats can be good for you

Fat. Just say the word and notice the emotions it evokes. The word can have very negative connotations in modern society. Fats have a bad reputation, both for making people fat and for being bad for their health. Foods labeled as “low fat” or “no fat” are promoted as being healthy. There are however, healthy fats. In spite of this bad rap, most people still love fats. After all, fried foods, whipped cream, sour cream, and […]